Group Services


Bringing a Large Group of 20 or More?

Email or call us today and we’ll find you our best group seating plus arrange for special payment plans. You’ll save big, with savings of 10-20% on great tickets plus you’ll only pay 1/3 the normal per ticket service charges. Some shows even offer incentives and special perks for larger groups!

Have a Smaller Group?

If your group has more than 10 but less than 20 people, it’s still easy to save. Call the Box Office at 954-777-2055 for more information. *Minimums vary by show.

Top 5 Reasons To Bring A Group To The Lauderhill Performing Arts Center

Want great seats before they go on sale? Groups often times gain access to seating locations prior to the public sale. The earlier the group is booked, the better the available locations.

The majority of shows offer special discounted rates and discounted service fees that can save your group money.

For groups of 20+, place your order today and Group Services will hold your seating for up to 2 weeks while awaiting deposit.

Use group tickets to raise money for your non-profit organization or cause. Let us customize a program for you.

Imagine pulling your bus right up to the front door for drop-off, then parking just around the corner from the theatre. Group Services is here to help you with all your bus parking needs.

Group FAQ’s

  • Where do I start? Contact Group Services by phone, email or online request form. Let us know what events you are interested in attending and a Group Services representative will personally fill you in on our great offers.
  • I don’t quite have a group of 10-20 or more. What can I do? Group Services helps you recruit with flyers of pricing and seating information on the show of your choice. Easily share show details with group members by email, or have Lauderhill Performing Arts Center mail you a copy. Additional promo items may also be available.
  • What is the payment process? Convenience is key. For groups of 20+, once you decide on an event, seating area and estimated number, Group Services will find the best available seats. Lauderhill Performing Arts Center will hold seats under your name for up to two weeks while awaiting deposit. (Policy may vary by show.) You have time to determine your exact number and collect payment. For smaller groups of 10-15+, payment is made in full.
  • What methods of payment are accepted? Groups of 20+ may pay your total by major credit card, check, cashier’s check or money order. Groups of 10-15+ must pay your total by major credit card.
  • Where do we park our bus? Let Lauderhill Performing Arts Center know you will be bringing your group by bus, and receive information about bus parking along with convenient drop-off and pick-up areas.
  • What other ways can we make our group outing unique? Ask about the opportunity for pre-show and post-show activities. Group Services can request post-show events for your group, like meet-and-greets or talk-backs.
  • How do I stay updated on group offers at the Lauderhill Performing Arts Center? Officially join the Lauderhill Performing Arts Center Group Services contact list by email!