Series Sponsor Benefits

Promotional Materials
Sponsor name and logo will be featured: In 100,000 season brochures

On event posters

Projection on exterior wall on show nights

Recognition in pre-show announcements pending artist approval

Optional flyer distribution


As a sponsor you receive a select number of Golden Circle tickets per season. Additional tickets may be purchased in a prime location for promotions or client entertainment.

Community Relations

10 Family Series show tickets to donate to a charity of your choice.

Product Display

Sponsors are able to use the Lobby and Outside Areas to display promotional material or products during performances. Prominent areas are available for vehicle displays.


Pre/Post show Hospitality Area and reception for client entertainment.

Option to host a reception for selected patrons who fall into targeted demographics, Lauderhill PAC mailing list may be used to generate invites.

Media and Advertising

Sponsor name and logo will be featured in:




Home Page with a link to your own site

Name recognition in Box Office recordings

Added Value

Product Exclusivity.

Recognition in pre-show announcements.

Sponsor ads will be played on a TV in the lobby of the theater.

Lobby signage over 200,000 impressions.

Complimentary Valet Parking.

Benefits include, Company bio displayed in a prominent position the theater lobby.

Company name on a sign at the front of the lobby.

Meet and greet performers throughout the season.

Complimentary pre-show receptions and complimentary valet parking throughout the season.

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