First Time Guests


Things You Need to Know for a Great Visit

    Above all, we hope you enjoy your experience at Lauderhill Performing Arts Center, and please know that we are here to help. If you have a question or need assistance of any kind, please just ask a member of our staff. We believe in great entertainment experiences, and we want to be our guests’ favorite place for live events.
    We recommend planning your travel so that you arrive in Lauderhill no later than 30-45 minutes before show time. You should then budget about 15 minutes to park. There is nothing worse than having to rush to the theater, and then arrive just as the doors close for the start of the show. Our lobby doors open 60 minutes prior to show time; seating areas open 30 minutes prior to show time for most shows. With the schedule we recommend above, you’ll arrive with plenty of time to find your seat, get settled, or enjoy a pre-show drink or a light snack. Also, if you’re late, you may end up listening to the beginning of the show from the lobby. Most shows require that our ushers hold late arrivals in the lobby until a suitable pause in the program. The timing of allowing late arrivals into the seating area is determined by the show and designed to cause as little disruption as possible to other guests and the performers on stage.
    We offer soft drinks, bottled water, wine by the glass and a selection of premium domestic beer. Our snack menu includes a variety of items. Please note that while we do sell a limited menu of hot food items, our overall menu is much more snack-oriented than meal-oriented. Below are our concessions menus.

Dance Competition Menu

dance menu

Theater Concessions Menu

evening menu photo

    Most shows usually last two to three hours, and many have an intermission. Intermissions for most shows move very quickly and commonly run just 15-20 minutes. While we wish we could extend these breaks, each show we host sets a very strict schedule from which we cannot vary. Within the time allowed, you can socialize with your companions, get a drink or a snack in the lobby, or simply stay in your seat and relax so you’ll be ready for the second half of the show.
    We offer a diverse selection of entertainment. Not all productions may appeal to or be appropriate for every guest or for all ages. Ticket buyers should take responsibility for making informed decisions regarding their purchases. We recommend visiting the official website of each show., If you ever have questions about the content or appropriateness of a show, please contact us at 954-777-2055

Guest Etiquette

We’re committed to guest courtesy. Please follow these golden rules when attending any of our events:

Once the show starts, please let the stage be the center of attention. We ask that you silence all cell phones and limit conversation. If children are attending this performance with you please exit the theater immediately if they become restless or talkative.

Please also save texting until after the show. The light from phones is distracting to others throughout the theater.

Small snacks and drinks are welcome in the seating area, but as a courtesy to those around you, eat and drink as quietly as possible. Please know that odors and noisy wrappers can disturb others. We also ask that you finish sandwiches or other large food items before entering the seating area.

All guests require a ticket, regardless of age. Children must be able to sit quietly in their own seat without disturbing other guests. Some shows make further age appropriate recommendations, and we will provide those on its website; however, parental discretion is always advised, and judgment of the content for each show should be made on an individual basis prior to purchase. When available, we provide links to show websites for further information and recommendations.

Photography and video recording is prohibited. All electronic devices (cell phones, smart phones, tablets, digital cameras) must be turned off before entering the seating area. Cameras with detachable lens are not allowed into the building, and for some shows no cameras of any kind are allowed including small point-and-shoot cameras.