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March 2019

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Stage Door Theatre at LPAC

Stage Door Theatre at the LPAC


My One and OnlyMy One and Only

March 1-24, 2019

MY ONE AND ONLY centers on Captain Billy Buck Chandler, a transatlantic aviator who flies around the world in pursuit of the championship swimmer Edith, whom he loves. Edith is the current star attraction of Prince Nicolai Erraclyovitch Tchatchavadze’s International Aquacade. Claiming to possess certain compromising photographs, Prince Nicolai blackmails Edith into staying with the Aquacade. In the end, Billy persuades her to return with him to America to get married.



GhostGhost – The Musical

April 12 – May 5, 2019

GHOST - THE MUSICAL is a timeless fantasy about the power of love. Long-time couple Sam and Molly are happily in love and living together in Brooklyn. Walking back to their apartment one night, they are mugged at gunpoint, leaving Sam murdered on a dark street. Sam is trapped between this world and the next as a ghost and unable to leave Molly who he quickly learns is in grave danger. With the help of a storefront psychic named Oda Mae Brown, Sam tries to communicate with Molly in the hope of protecting her. Featuring such popular songs as “With You” and the Righteous Brothers’ classic “Unchained Melody,” this powerful love story is sure to become a fan favorite!


Thoroughly Modern MillieThoroughly Modern Millie

May 24 – June 16, 2019

It’s 1922, and small-town girl Millie Dillmount has just arrived in New York City, ready to make her dreams come true. Millie’s plan is simple: find a job as a secretary for an eligible bachelor, and then marry him. It doesn’t take long, however, for Millie’s “thoroughly modern” plan to go awry. Her conniving landlady plots to kidnap Millie’s best friend and sell her into slavery in Hong Kong, her wealthy boss seems entirely uninterested in her flirtations, and — worst of all — the man with whom she falls head over heels in love doesn’t have a penny to his name. Winner of the 2002 Tony Award for Best Musical, THOROUGHLY MODERN MILLIE is a bright, funny, and charming musical comedy — a heartfelt valentine to New York City and the people who love her.


The Soul of Motor CityThe Soul of Motor City

July 5-28, 2019

In the early 1960’s, Detroit was on the move. The distinctive sound that emerged from this city was the sound of young America. The music has left an indelible stamp on the heart, soul, and mind of several generations of fans ever since. THE SOUL OF MOTOR CITY’s debut release was extended 5 times by popular demand! It brings new life to those classics made famous by such artists like The Four Tops, Martha Reeves, Aretha Franklin, Ray Charles, The Temptations, The Supremes and many more.